Why Sales Reps Are Mentally Tougher Than Anyone

Taking a commissioned sales job and succeeding at it is no easy feat. These are the top reasons successful sales reps are mentally stronger than almost any other profession: 1. They thrive in the land of uncertainty – Every day is a clean slate and revenue streams are never guaranteed. They continue prospecting and nurturing…

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How Do You Have More Influence?

Making the invisible visible… A janitor of a middle school was frustrated by the amount of time it took him to scrub off all of the lipstick kisses from the mirror in the girl’s bathroom.  He went to the teacher and asked for her help in getting the girls to stop. She spoke to her…

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Pocket Dialling Reveals the Truth

Have you ever been with someone when they pulled out their cell phone and they realized they pocket dialed someone?  Do you remember the look on their face when it happened?  Isn’t it a little shocking to realize that almost universally the reaction is one of momentary panic…     Pocket dialling reveals the truth.   You…

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Leadership & Happiness

keynote speaker

The whole world needs a retrain. We need leadership. Not just political leadership, but personal leadership. We need more than leadership. We need a re-connection to the most important things we have the ability to experience as humans – each other, in real life, with respect and generosity and empathy and kindness… real success, accomplishment,…

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The Value of A Leader

The Value of a Leader

Every so often you come across a leader who almost captivates you. Amidst a sea of other leaders, they just simply draw your attention in an almost magnetic way. They are different, and you know it in a second… You feel better in their presence… safer somehow, even if you have never met them before.…

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Grow Your Business Faster By Doing Less

Growing any business is about finding more people. Whether that means new clients, new customers, new sales reps or brand ambassadors, it all boils down to the same thing. You need people. Instead of doing it wrong like so many businesses do (getting stuck in the exhausting revolving door of “the chase”, never achieving any…

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Increase Your Productivity in 4 Simple Steps

Making progress feels good.  Working hard and feeling like you just can’t get it all done, doesn’t.   These 4 simple practices will increase your personal productivity over night. 1.  Make a list of your big goals. Write down what your exciting long term goals are.  Every decision you make should revolve around hitting them…

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6 Vitals For Women in Business

Listening to my girlfriends discuss the challenges they have working with other woman only re-enforces for me the truth about women in business… sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies. We all want to be treated with respect and be seen as capable, confident business people but ask yourself this – when was the…

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Evolving: The 4 Phases of Leadership

evolution of leadership michell smith

The evolution of anything is a complex and uncomfortable process. Never perfect, it is a fight between what is to come and what currently is… Becoming a leader is an actual evolution. It is the process of starting off as one person, and ending up as someone else. The battle between believing that you can…

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Increase Sales by Using Impulse

sales impulse

  There are five primary impulses that affect our purchasing decisions. Understand how they naturally work and allow them to work for you on sales calls. Sense of Urgency Limited time offers apply the right kind of pressure to provoke a decision to be made as a priority. We think faster and make decisions faster…

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