Growing any business is about finding more people. Whether that means new clients, new customers, new sales reps or brand ambassadors, it all boils down to the same thing.

You need people. Instead of doing it wrong like so many businesses do (getting stuck in the exhausting revolving door of “the chase”, never achieving any real growth but putting motivational posters shouting “Persistence” “Determination” and “Never Give Up” on the walls)  Do things right and grow your business faster by doing less.

1. Stop talking to the wrong people

It is true that the law of averages works and success is partly a numbers game BUT your results will dramatically increase when you are playing the numbers with the right audience.

Not everyone is the right kind of potential customer and trying to sell something to someone that they don’t want or need is not a smart way to exhaust your energy. Qualify your customers or candidates properly ahead of time. Only go after the clients who have a need for what you provide and spend time connecting on value.

2. Be genuine and present and lose the “hustle”

People are smart. They can feel themselves being “potentially dissected and assessed” in the first few minutes of the meeting with you as your eyes widen while you shift your weight in your chair and pick an angle for your pitch…. blech.

Do not treat potential customers or clients like prey. You will find the right people by focusing on WIIFT. Look for people that you can serve and really deliver for and engage in new relationships that will become long term ones because they work.

3. Drop the “canned” pitch

Sales reps, coaches, and recruiters alike all waste time “interviewing”, “meeting for coffee” or “doing free sessions” and spend most of the time as the one doing the talking.

Treat first meetings as a discovery session. Discover as much as you can about their needs so that you know if you have the ability to serve them and in what way, then do so.

4. Stop the follow/like/re-pin/tweet-fest that has you creating a following of people who have no interest in what you offer

Spending time on social media to increase your platform and engage with the wrong audience is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME. Building a list that is as qualified as the random people who all get on the same plane at the airport does nothing for you. You waste time building it, trying to engage with it, figuring out what will work with it and wondering why you failed with it.

They weren’t your people. Instead, find the right ones, work with the right ones and succeed with the right ones. Leave the revolving door game to every else.

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