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Clarity, Confidence & Crystal Balls

How to Succeed As A Woman In Business

After struggling to survive in a male dominated industry only to first compete with them and then ultimately lead them, Michell understands what it takes to win as a woman in sales, leadership & business.  

In a talk that delivers the power tools women need to succeed as leaders in their field, she reveals the lessons served to her as she fought her way to the very top of her industry, and won.


What Do You Mean I Climbed The Wrong Ladder???

Winning at the pursuit of the career that you know is what you are meant to do forever, until that devestating moment when you discover its not, can be a tough spot to navigate from.  Rebounding sucks, but it’s better than the two alternatives…

Hear the story and the pathway forward, of how to turn the biggest stumble of your life into the biggest comeback ever told.  

What’s The Truth?

Master Motivation & High Performance

The most honest and respectable game on the planet is the sales game; the right sales leader with the right team, the right products, the right training and the right attitude is the holy grail of intergalactic businessplay.  Let Michell infect your team with the truth, and watch what awakens.

Unstoppable sales teams drive success and define your brand.  What’s the truth about yours?  What’s the truth about what’s possible?  What’s the truth about how to get there?  Uncover it.  Unleash your own Force and beat the competition with the best team in the business – yours.



Contact me to design a  fully customized keynote speech that is provocative, inspiring, richly entertaining and sharply relevant to your audience. For over a decade I delivered daily motivational talks to my sales and administration teams to ensure that we hit the goals we had before us. I built, trained and scaled the largest direct sales team in Canadian history… one motivational smackdown at a time… CONTACT ME.

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