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Finding 100%

Master Motivation & High Performance

The most honest and respectable game on the planet is the sales game; the right sales leader with the right team, the right products, the right training and the right attitude is the holy grail of intergalactic businessplay.

Unstoppable sales teams drive success and define your brand.  Discover the Six Questions that allow you to tap into the final 10%. Have your average sales reps become above average and your top sales people become legends.  Unleash your own Force and beat the competition with the best team in the business – yours.


Confident, capable leadership is what distinguishes the companies that just get by from those that lead their field. It motivates teams, attracts the best talent and makes bold visions attainable. Equip your leaders with the power tools they need to retrain your team from the top down and boldly go where no one in your industry ever has.

Activate respect like never before

Inspire greatness in your team

Attract & retain the best talent – Develop the power of gravity

Harness the power of the Big ‘Mo

Lead. Your. Field.

The Six Degrees of Separation – High Performance Mastery

After struggling to survive in a male dominated industry only to first compete with them and then ultimately lead them, Michell understands what it takes to win as a woman in sales, leadership & business. In a talk that delivers the power tools women need to succeed as leaders in their field, she reveals the lessons served to her as she fought her way to the top in the world of direct sales.

There are 6 ways that the most successful women separate themselves from everyone else.  Excel at them and become part of the top 3%.

Passionate and inspiring yet tough, Michell’s heartfelt stories connect with and empower her audiences while delivering to them a level of confidence only accurately described as unstoppable…



Contact me to design a  fully customized keynote speech that is provocative, inspiring, richly entertaining and sharply relevant to your audience. For over a decade I delivered daily motivational talks to my sales and administration teams to ensure that we hit the goals we had before us. I built, trained and scaled the largest direct sales team in Canadian history… one motivational smackdown at a time… CONTACT ME.

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