Brian Tracy Brian Tracy, Author ~ Maximum Achievement

This amazing book shows you how to unlock your full potential for an exciting and rewarding career.

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The Six Questions is inspirational, honest and smart.  Julie and Michell speak directly to everyone seeking more clarity and purpose in life.

Jay Conrad Levinson Jay Conrad Levinson

"Julie and Michell are a welcome addition to the leaders of change.  They will guide you to succeed at what truly matters the most and show you that the answers you are looking for lie inside the incredible person you already are."

Lead the Field in Direct Sales


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Lead the Field in Direct Sales

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Discover the 7 Keys to:

Increase Sales
Recruit the Best People
Build the Team of Your Dreams

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Second Edition

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Second Edition

Building a team in direct sales can be simple. You have to be able to sell, you have to know how to win with people and you have to know how to lead.

Your confidence about what you are doing and the results you consistently generate will MAKE OR BREAK your chances of succeeding.

Learn how to generate that authentic confidence, discover the questions to ask when you are interviewing others so that you get the right people to start and the leadership practices you need to know so you don't screw it up!

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