Have you ever been with someone when they pulled out their cell phone and they realized they pocket dialed someone?  Do you remember the look on their face when it happened?  Isn’t it a little shocking to realize that almost universally the reaction is one of momentary panic…  


Pocket dialling reveals the truth.


You know pocket dialing… when your cell phone accidently calls someone because a button got pushed somehow… and sometimes over and over because they have a speed dial key….
It’s interesting to observe the reaction we have when we hear the famous words “you pocket dialed me last night…”


A wide-eyed intake of breath, a panicked memory search, and the impending question, “what did they hear?”…


What does that mean?  What were we doing or talking about that would get us into such a panicked state if others knew?


Or is it just the thrill of being “caught?”  The excitement of considering what we could have been caught doing?


Do we then smile and even laugh… or have we been disloyal to the absent … and wonder who heard?


One of two distinctively different reactions occurs; we either get scared for a second, or we don’t.


Pocket dialing reveals the truth.