I Came From The School Of Hard Knocks, One Door At A Time

I earned my stripes in the bootcamp of life – doing door to door sales straight out of university.

I Didn’t Have A Calling…

I wanted one… but for me determining my future career was more a process of elimination.  Most people at the age of 17 do not know what they want to do with their lives.

We go through this ticking time bomb of high-pressure decisions beginning in high school where the threat of “you will mess up your life” starts at such a young age…

I had no idea what I wanted to do. The only thing that I was clear about was what I didn’t want.

I took a sales job to learn about people and overcome my fears and fell in love with the industry.  I was terrible at it in the beginning, dealing with rejection and learning to be good with people took more effort than anything I had ever worked on before in my life!  (Admitting I had to work on my attitude was the single biggest step forward I’d ever had.)

There was no better school on planet earth to learn to improve though than the one I found.  Cold calling for straight commission – it was just you verses yourself, and whether you could keep going in a world full of “no’s” in pursuit of the elusive “yeses”.

Eventually, I became the #1 sales rep, then opened my own sales company at 21.  In interviews I questioned people to find out what they really, really wanted… Once their goals were defined, we figured out if I could help them hit them. 

My business exploded.  

I started with one sales office in Toronto and within 5 years grew that business to 1000 sales reps, 29 locations across Canada, billing over 10 million dollars in annual commissions.  It was the largest and most successful direct sales force in Canadian history.

Now I speak, train and consult with other companies to increase sales, improve systems, develop their leaders and hit their goals faster.  I coach entrepreneurs, sales professionals and executives to scale their businesses and perform at their highest levels.

I’ve spent 25 years training sales teams and leaders,conducted over 50,000 interviews, helped open over 100 companies, and spoken on stage over 5000 times. 

I started a pay it forward project and opened a FREE online school for women and girls called She The Mighty in 2017.  It teaches Clarity, Confidence, Communication Skills, Business Savvy and Leadership. 

I deliver grand slam home run, motivational keynote speeches around the world.



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