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The 7 Keys To Increase Sales, Recruit The Best People and Build The Team of Your Dreams

Gain Powerful Insight Into How People Make Purchasing Decisions

Access the Keys to Successful Negotiation

Discover the Truth Behind What Makes Leaders Successful

Understand the Secrets to Motivating Yourself and Your Team

Unlock the Keys to Recruiting Top Talent

Uncover the System to Training Top Performing Sales Reps

Direct Sales Allows Anyone To Win…

Building a team in direct sales can be simple. You have to be able to sell, you have to know how to win with people and you have to know how to lead.

Your confidence about what you are doing and the results you consistently generate will MAKE OR BREAK your chances of succeeding.

The biggest key to growing an organization is to be able to tell the truth about your results, and understand the mechanics behind how to generate them.  The first task to focus on is to find personal success as a sales rep.  Once you have consistently demonstrated (to yourself) that you can succeed, recruiting becomes a much simpler process. 

Learn how to generate that authentic confidence, discover the questions to ask when you are interviewing others so that you get the right people to start and the leadership practices you need to know so you don’t screw it up!

Have Michell Work With Your Team

Hear the stories of what it took to build a sales force going door to door in Canada, in the winter!

Get the right people to start, learn to effectively promote your business and increase sales through strategy.

Overcome insecurities, learn to stop being afraid of the word “no”, master the art of goal setting and learn the benefits of the extra mile.

Build accountability relationships – finding just one wing man can make all of the difference…

A captivating public speaker, Michell will energize, inspire and motivate your team.  She never disappoints.  Her passion, honesty and wisdom will serve your team’s ability to believe in their dreams, and give the the step by step instructions for how to hit their goals.

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