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Direct Sales is an Adventure!

Starting a career in the direct sales industry is like embarking on an epic adventure!  Learning how to successfully sell and learning how to mentor others successfully are the two main skill sets required for this game.

Leadership is required.  Service is required.  Generosity is required.  Honesty is required.  The biggest key to growing an organization is to be able to tell the truth about your results, and understand the mechanics behind how to generate them.

The first task to focus on is to find personal success as a sales rep.  Once you have consistently demonstrated (to yourself) that you can succeed, recruiting becomes a much simpler process.  The biggest mistake people make in direct sales is "big talking" the results that they have never generated personally.

There are countless people in the industry who believe it is all a matter of hype and promotion and the "trick" is to convince enough other people to start "below" you so that you won't have to work...  They have it completely wrong - and rarely ever find any success, they only create bad experiences for others.

There is a way to succeed in this incredible industry, and to succeed BIG.  It's about building an amazing business where you can simply tell the truth.

The technicals to team building can be learned.  Recruiting can be learned.  The art of motivation can be learned.

Having integrity and an authentic desire to lead by example can't be learned... it can only be compromised - don't do it. It is the foundation that holds onto the roots of the biggest teams on the planet.  Yours could be next...

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A captivating public speaker, Michell will energize, inspire and motivate your team.  She never disappoints.  Her passion, honesty and wisdom will serve your team's ability to believe in their dreams, and succeed at hitting their goals.

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