Direct sales can be an amazing industry to be in or it can be a challenging industry to be in, it all depends on if you are in the right place.

Being in the right place will allow you to be honest while you work on building your team, your business or your downline.

Its up to all of us to be committed to representing such a fantastic industry with integrity, transparency, character and honour.

You can succeed in a big way when you choose to do the right things. Ensuring you are partnering with the right product/company/team to pursue your goals is of highest importance.  Selecting the right opportunity is easy with the following simple steps.

Step One:  Decide What’s Right for You

Ask yourself the following questions to make a good intentional decision (this is key so that you do not second guess yourself later):

Are the people you will be working with honest and integrity driven?  

What kind of selling will you have to do?  Are you comfortable with this or willing to learn how to get comfortable?

Do you have to invest up front?  Is this affordable to you?  

Do you believe in what you will be selling?  (It is impossible to sell others on something you don’t believe in, unless you are okay with being dishonest).  Your income depends on this – do you honestly find value in the product(s) you plan to build a career around?

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Step Two:  Use these 9 Necessities to Measure the Opportunity You are Looking at

Ensure that the opportunity you’re considering meets ALL of the following criteria.

1.  Competitive, salable product(s)

  • There is a market and a need/desire for the product(s) you will sell
  • You understand and see the value that the product(s) provide

2.  Seamless sales process

  • On-boarding customers is a smooth and seamless process
  • There a tracking system and reporting structure that is used to follow the life of every order

3.  Clear compensation plan and reward structure

  • You have a commission schedule, bonus structure and pay schedule that is clear
  • You have a clear map for all performance levels, compensation increases and other rewards that is not open to interpretation

 4.  Zero integrity issues with payment

  • Reporting system for sales is sound
  • Payment is on a specified regulated unchanging schedule

5.  Clearly defined policies, roles, performance expectations and code of conduct 

  • Clear instructions exist for all parties
  • Everything is clear and in writing

6.  Superior training and leadership

  • You have experienced,educated and successful mentors and trainers
  • You have access to assistance whenever it is needed

7.  Systemic/organized/fair/transparent process for territory, leads and customer management

  • There is a regulated system to track and organize all sales reps/territories as required
  • There is a system and training available to assist you with customer management as required

8.  Advancement plan and vision that caters to the aspirations of sales reps and employees

  • There is an opportunity for growth that matches your growth goals

9.   Superior internal/external customer service

  • Full support is available to you and all of your customers

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These nine necessities provide a structure that is sound, which can support the scalable growth of a project or sales force.

Most direct sales companies today will meet all of these criteria.  The best ones in the business are the biggest and the best because they do.  It’s important that you know you are part of one of them. 

Ensuring these ingredients are in place will permit you to have the confidence that you are making the right choice.  

This genuine confidence is what you need to build a team.