Feeling good as a woman has less to do with what advertising says is attractive, and much more to do with how we treat each other in women’s restrooms.

It never fails…   And we get trained from the time when we are very young.  We learn the logistics first – we scout out restroom locations in proximity to every class, meeting or event we attend.  We do audience calculations, break time calculations and sometimes even strategically make a bathroom visit just before the official break to miss the line…

Why is this just a female thing?  Is it science or is it plain behavioural?

Is it because as women we sit there, in our meeting not wanting to interrupt by leaving, or miss anything by leaving that we stay put while our bladders are silently screaming and men simply respond to biology without having to think about it?


Every woman knows the experience of standing in line and the importance of efficient bathroom practices.

Its truly as though these are actual rules…

  1.  pay attention and move fast towards the open stall as soon as it comes up for use.
  2.  Be equally as quick at the sink, move over to the grooming area if you do not need the sink any more in order to use just the mirror.
  3. Do not bring big bags in with you that will slow you down – this is a direct hit mission and we all have to make it through on time.
  4. Wipe the seat – whether it was you or not.
  5. Make sure your toilet flushes – we are ladies after all.
  6. It is never acceptable to ever not wash your hands (even though we all know you didn’t pee on them).
  7. Talk to each other and be nice and cheerful – especially if there are younger girls in the room.

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We have no problem teaching children these practices but we forget to teach the most important one – To always be complimentary to each other.

To not simply make “small talk” – to make “big talk” instead.  To say things that build the confidence of the person you are chatting with – as a rule.

Little girls will be less shy, be nicer to each other too and grow up believing it’s important to pay others a compliment (as well as learning how to receive one!)

Restroom line ups are the original “chat-lines”, we expect to talk to each other here.

We all know that a compliment we receive from one of our own, always makes us feel fantastic, and grateful… it can even change our entire day.

So the next time you find yourself in a ladies room “following the rules” don’t forget to tell whoever else is in there how good she looks.  Its time we started to take better care of each other.  Perhaps some of us have- randomly… Now its time to do it and teach it as a practice.