The Best Sales Reps

Every Great Sales Rep Thinks They Are The Best

  • These 2 questions determine if they are the best. Ask them...

Confidence As A Girl:

A Perspective Shift On Building Confidence

  • No one has a lack of confidence, we just sometimes place too much confidence in other things as opposed to ourselves.

Increasing Productivity:

The Almighty "To - Do" List

  • One small change with how you manage your "to-do" list can change everything.

Staying Positive When it Counts:

Success Practices For High Performance

  • The power of thoughts, and where real influence comes from: Logic, truth, evidence and a new level of understanding.

Future Recognition:

Getting and Giving Recognition Matters

  • How we recognize ourselves and the children in our lives makes a difference. Set up future deliveries to have your recognition land.

Influence vs Control

Having Influence Is All You Need

  • Stop fighting for control and realize you already have influence.

Talk To Yourself - Part Two Clip One

This Is THE TOUGHEST Video I Have EVER Filmed

  • Insurance cards saved my life...

The Entrepreneurial Attitude

Attitude is Your Biggest Asset

  • Develop your attitude like your business depends on it

Sales and Leadership Success

Reframing the Way We Look at "Average"

  • Sales and leadership success comes down to fixing the truth...

The Failure of Habits

How to Effectively Navigate Change

  • Change your relationship with the concept of habits and instead develop practices that help you succeed.

Eliminating Doubt

The Devil's Yard Sale

  • A powerful story to illustrate the importance of eliminating doubt for high performance success.

Direct Sales Success

Building a Team Can Be a Snap

  • Find a mentor who can teach you how

Mindset & Quitting Smoking

Habits Can be Simple to Break

  • Learning to say "no" to an impulse

The Importance of Sales and Marketing

Succeeding at Sales is Job #1

  • Revenue drives business, period

Permission to Succeed:

What Stops us From Giving Ourselves Permission

  • Develop a relationship with any outcome to give yourself permission to go for it.

Managing Your Mindset

Remove Old Programming

  • Influence what you think about and what you believe

Entrepreneurial Success

There Are 6 Key Areas to Excel At

  • The many degrees of effort and what they deliver

Hitting Goals Made Easier

Build a Relationship With Your Goals

  • Focus on the very next goal that you must hit and then do it again... and again... and again...

The Value Proposition

How Businesses Set Themselves Apart

  • The importance of actually delivering on a need

Comfort Zones:

Expand Your Zone of Comfort

  • To really achieve success you must grow your comfort zone to the size of your vision

How to Influence Others

Make the Invisible, Visible

  • Allow people to choose for themselves - elevate their understanding.

Hiring the Right People

You're Looking More Than a Skill Set

  • Your people are your biggest advertisement

How To Influence Your Attitude

Learn the Cycle Going On Under The Surface

  • Your areas of influence are your programming, beliefs, and actions.

Revenue Streams in Business

Your Finances Impact Your Strategy

  • How to keep them streaming in your favour

Edit Your Surroundings

Everything We See Has An Impact On Us

  • Remove things, add things, have a wall of fame and create a "we've done" list.

Time Management  in Business

How to Invest Time Where it Matters Most

  • Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

Talk To Yourself - Part One

When You Talk To Yourself, What Do You Say?

  • Be kind, be encouraging and learn to change the channel on the voices that do not serve you.