Make Confidence A Monthly Ritual

Fill your cup – Every.Single.Month. (whether you need it or not!)

As women, we map our worlds by how we feel and how we want to feel and when we feel amazing about ourselves, we make a positive impact on everyone we come in contact with. 

It’s time to feel that way as a constant.

Join our 7 – day challenge. Let go of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs.  Say Yes to you, be more socially active and get off the confidence roller coaster once and for all…

“This program is an unapologetic attack on fear, doubt, good enough & maybe someday….

Michell Smith

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Best Selling Author

It’s Time To Fill The World With A New Breed Of Female Superheroes

Irresistibly confident, courageous, generous women who build each other up and cheer each other on.  It’s time we keep ourselves at the top of our priority list so that we can take care of the person who’s taking care of everyone else.

This 7 day challenge will give you the Kickstart you deserve to feel unstoppable, set and achieve bigger goals, be more socially active, feel more attractive and self assured, in just 7 days!

We’re on a mission to spread irresistible confidence to women everywhere… Join us!

The Only Person I Want To Sell You On, Is You

I came face to face with the truth when I was 20.  I had learned how to look confident, but I discovered that outside of perfectly controlled circumstances – I wasn’t. 

The only way to gain authentic confidence was by seeing the truth of who I was, what I believed, what I wanted to become and then working on it.

These practices and exercises in this program are EXACTLY the same steps I took to change my life FOREVER.  

Achieving real success counts on the fact that you can perform consistently. Even on days when you don’t feel like it.  Putting yourself first on the first allows you to cultivate the mindset you need to maintain a high level of confidence in yourself all month long.

Let’s Get Your Swagger On

Change What You See

Follow these exact steps, and right before your eyes change what you see when you look in the mirror… Reframe the lens you look through and see the you that’s unstoppable.

Have a Fear Funeral

Show your fears who’s boss.  Conduct this very official ceremony and make the choice which fears will no longer stop you from taking action.  They may still exist, they just no longer own you.

Question Your Faith

Question everything about what you believe about yourself to be true.  Use this in depth step-by-step process to remove what’s been keeping you stuck and edit what you truly believe.

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Mastering Confidence Is NOT Optional

None of us were born with a manual, and as women we weren’t necessarily born knowing how to share our unique talents and put ourselves out there.  In fact many of us were trained NOT to speak out, not to champion our own accomplishments, and not to assume that we were capable of achieving greatness…  But we are.

For the lucky among us, who were raised being told that we can do anything, learning how to authentically develop the confidence we need to succeed still doesn’t happen without working on it. 

Hitting our biggest goals takes know-how, understanding, the perspective that they’re possible, permission from ourselves to succeed and finally the skills we need to develop to have real influence over our results.

That all begins by putting yourself first on the first…  Give yourself a Confidence Kickstart™ (every month) from now on. 

It’s Time To Get Your Irresistible On…

Change Your Life Forever By Learning How To:

Practice “Big Talk”

We are very well trained in the art of “small talk”…  It’s time to master the art of “Big Talk.”  Accepting compliments and allowing them to land is something that usually takes effort.  Going out of your way to compliment other women redefines your relationship with your own self image.

Use Your Remote Control

As though you are simply pushing a button, determine which influences you will allow into your life from now on.  Remove the negative influences and select only the empowering, positive ones to remain in your broadcast range.

Let This Be Your New Normal

You live ABOVE the surface… You have an authentic, unwavering belief in yourself, where you’re going, why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you’re going to get there.  You feel such a happiness and peace about life that it honestly feels as though the universe is conspiring to help you… And you say “no” when you need to without feeling guilty.

The Amazing Truth

None of us lack confidence, period.  We sometimes just put too much confidence in the wrong things as opposed to placing that same energy and belief into ourselves.  It already exists, it just needs to be redirected.

Looking at confidence as a commodity like this changes things.  The Amazing Truth is that you already have everything you need – you may just need to do a little reprogramming.

Like, have you ever been talked into doing something you didn’t want to do?  Did you spend time feeling bad about yourself afterwards?  No more.  Become an expert at saying “No” when you need to and listen to yourself above all else from now on.

Talk to the Hand

Get good at saying NO.  Use this exact technique when you have to say no, when you have to negotiate, or when you have to manage poor behaviour in others.  Follow these exact steps and have the strength you need with ease in the moments that count.

Play Truth AND Dare

Get to the truth of what you really, really want, without anyone else’s opinions involved.  The truth… the nakedness of it, and then, this two part challenge will have you daring to do the things you’ve never dared to do before…

Take the 7 day challenge &  get the Confidence Kickstart™ you deserve…   

The tiny perspective shifts you undergo in this short program allow you to Master Your Confidence. 

They will change you, and will change how you see things, forever. 

Buckle up Buttercup

This Is The Beginning Of A Whole New Game

What This 7 Day Program Has Done For Others

This program gave me the tools I needed to create a complete shift in my mindset and my beliefs. After working with Michell, I was truly able to understand my power to make my dreams come true and to get crystal clear on what those dreams really are!

Alicia Jones

Personal Trainer, Alicia Jones Healthy Living

Working with Michell on my confidence has been addictive.  It’s fascinating what this program can do for you!  I check into the facebook group daily to get another hit of “Michicilin” to stay motivated, self-assured and working towards my goals!

Samantha Friday

Friday Consulting

What This 7 Day Program Did For Me…

This 7 day personal program of success practices has allowed me to:

Build The Largest Direct Sales Force in Canadian History

With no experience in sales, and a fear of talking to people, mastering confidence changed my life forever. I learned to sell myself and to teach others to master confidence & succeed at sales, building the biggest and most successful B2B and B2C direct sales team in Canadian history.  

Get A Book Contract With A New York Publishing House

Receiving no response or only rejections from publishers for over 2 years until finally getting a publishing contract, then seeing that first book on the shelves of every major book store and hit #1.

Become An International Motivational Speaker

Public speaking used to terrify me, now it’s what energizes me the most.  Having spoken on stage over 5000 times from intimate audiences to audiences over 3500 people, the recipe required to succeed as a public speaker is determined by your practices when you speak privately to yourself first.

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The Confidence Kickstart Program

7 Day Program Workbook

7 Days of Confidence Mastering Exercises 

7 Motivational Audio Tracks to Start Every Day Right

Access to Our Private Facebook Group To Partner With Others, Keep You On Track and Openly Discuss Any Challenges You’re Facing!