I’m a personal trainer for your mind. I teach high performance business, sales and leadership success.

Whether I’m on stage giving a motivational speech or I’m working with you 1:1 as a coach, I cut through the noise and give it to you straight. I won’t negotiate with terrorists.  I’m tough. I’m feisty. And I don’t lie.

I love to laugh.  I don’t quit.  And I always get my hopes up. I’ll show you what you’re doing wrong, and then I’ll help you fix it. I’ve told an audience of 3000 men that they have no balls and I’m not afraid to tell you the same if its true.

But I’ll back you.  And I’ll teach you.  And support you. The confidence you develop working with me doesn’t fade.

We fix your stuff.  We get your swagger on…

We set some goals. And then we destroy them.

Buckle Up Buttercup.

Michell Smith is an amazing woman, whom has proved to be a ‘game-changer’ in my life: she is the most amazing coach and strategist EVER!!! She has/is teaching me everything I need to know to get from here, to there! She delivers her expertise in a kind and non-judgemental way (even on the days when I’m up in my tree, she makes me feel normal;) – If you want to take your life/business to the next level, you can count on her 20 years of experience and expertise – she has become my rock, and I thank God for the blessing of her every damn day!

Diane Karlos

Modo Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach, BAD Yoga


And it’s no one else’s responsibility to hit your goals and make you happy, it’s yours.  You’ve got to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Chasing your goals while running yourself into the ground is no way to live. “Fake it till you make it” as a strategy, sucks. 

Working with people who aren’t consistently motivated is like working with joy-sucking vampires.  Trying to lead while sometimes thinking about quitting yourself, can feel like being in prison.

Drinking wine to feel better isn’t a great solution. (Yep I said it)  There is a better way…  Work With Me.


Playing half way while you try to figure out what to do is an impossible kind of tough…

I started out as a shy, insecure 20 year old, desperately trying to develop my own confidence, so that I could learn to succeed in business.

I would dress up and play “business girl” every day as I struggled to have anyone take me seriously… myself included.

I made so many changes as I grew up in my career in order to see myself as a strong business woman.  I wore pantsuits and ponytails, dark colours and high collared shirts, carried a big briefcase and left the perfume at home.

It didn’t much matter. 

I stopped dressing in order to blend in and not be seen as a woman anymore…

If men are going to imagine us naked, they’re going to do it regardless.

What Separates The Winners From The Rest Is The Score

What’s the truth about how you perform?  Do you deliver and drive revenue?

Do you remain professional under pressure?  Deliver on promises? 

Demonstrate loyalty and character, and above all else, achieve superior results? 

Do you know how to negotiate?  Do you advocate well for yourself, and get the results you’re looking for with people?

Do you know how to successfully influence yourself and others?

Make decisions confidently and deliver before deadline as a practice?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, well done.

If the answer is not yet, then it’s time to.  It’s time to stop playing small.  It’s time to play a bigger game.

It’s time to be sold on yourself, and have the confidence to say “no” when you need to.

The only person you need permission from is you.

I’m here to remind you of that.

Let’s fix the truth.



Michell is a welcome edition to the leaders of change. She will guide you to succeed at what truly matters the most, and show you that the answers you are looking for lie inside the incredible person you already are.

Jay Conrad Levinson

Father of Guerilla Marketing

Michell’s skills as a coach and mentor are simply unparalleled. In the four years I spent working with her I watched Michell inspire those around her to perform at higher levels time and time again. She recognizes strengths in people that are often not known to themselves and is able to bring these positives to the forefront through her dedication to helping them succeed. She is an incredibly supportive coach who truly takes a personal approach in her business.

Ella Tsang

Michell is a highly driven and motivated person. I have worked with her on projects and accounts and we can always count on her to take the lead and make sure the job gets done. She leaves nothing on the table at all and always hits her goals.

Michell is beyond being a role model, motivator, and mentor.  Simply put Michell is a Life Coach….someone to model one’s self after and try to achieve the lofty goals she’s accomplished, that she has set as an example for others as possible. A true leader of people.

Barry Hutchings

CEO, Payment Alliance Chicago

Shazam! Just got off ANOTHER fantastically-helpful and soul-direction-clarifying call, with Michell Smith!  I deeply appreciate the opportunity to open up about my business and my goals and what’s coming up and what I’m struggling with… every day there’s more clarity.

Michell’s years of experience with coaching, combined with her obvious love for Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern (who I also adore!) meant she spoke to me in a way most people in my life simply cannot, as much as they may want to.  If you’re looking for an advanced vision of what you’re doing, as well as a close-up vision of what you could do next to get to where you want to be, Michell is a great person to turn to, highly recommended!

Jill Lampi

Michell has had a great influence on me as well as my entire organization, specifically when it came to her skills as a motivational speaker. Her message is always well thought out, concise and to the point. Her conveyance of these ideas require substantial preparation, and she never fails to to leave her audience wanting more. Despite this preparation, Michel has an ability to come straight from the heart, with the utmost of sincerity and an alacrity to inspire. I would recommend Michel as a world class motivational speaker, as she has inspired me time and time again.

Pani Verma

What an awesome awe inspiring coaching session I had with Michell Smith. She met me where I was at, validated concerns I had but aside from that she provided me with resources which will greatly assist me in my next steps in my business. Phenomenal!

Miste Anders-Clemons

The experience of working with Michell is a journey. You learn to appreciate your strengths, identify areas of improvement and work towards building goals and attaining them.  She has the talent to make this journey of self-discovery fun with humour and insight.

Natasha Brahmachari

I just had a call with Michell and it was full of AhA moments. She helped me tune my thoughts and ideas on how to package my services. She is brilliant, guided me gently on how to price myself and see my self worth which I was struggling with for a while. It was a packed call of fruitful productive knowledge. Thank you Michell Smith

Hanada Odesanmi

Michell taught me how to separate myself from the past in order to move forward towards a brighter future. I learned how to move past all the negativity, remove any items or memories from whatever experience was reserving all my energy and just let go of it. Then, take a step back, figure out what I wanted and start taking action.

Aimee Jones

Michell is one of the most inspiring and motivational people I’ve ever met and I am so grateful for all she’s taught me. I learned how to influence my attitude, persevere, compete and succeed in a male dominated industry and build the genuine confidence and belief in myself that I needed to do so. She is a guru and a visionary!

Jackie Sztuczka

Michell brought so much hope and wisdom to my business.  She made me feel unstoppable and awakened to my new sense of commitment. She gives you not just the confidence and motivation to succeed but an actual step by step process on how to bring your dreams into reality.

Zarina Chopra