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The Attitude Anonymous Project

Random acts of kindness make a difference. It's up to us to take care of each other... Join Us.

This project began in 2013 when Michell was researching happiness for her next book and travelling across Canada.  She performed random acts of kindness and gave out home made kindness cards asking people to pay the kindness forward.

Over the past three years, and from as far away as Denmark, we have received countless requests from individuals asking how they can participate in this tiny project in a bigger way...

A Year of Kindness is how...

Kindness Cards ~ How It Works

Perform a random act of kindness and give out a  Kindness Card when you do in an effort to start a kindness chain... The deal is that in order for someone to accept your tiny gift, they must agree to "pay it forward" and pass the kindness on with the kindness card, to keep the chain going.

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and influence others with the gift of happiness and hope.  Help us.

The Challenge: A Year of Kindness

Decide to make the next year your kindest year on record.

Order your own set of kindness cards and join us.  We need your help to make a difference.

Order a starter set of 8 cards - one of each of the beautiful designs shown below, or a whole deck, one for every week of the year, the choice is yours.

Each Full Deck of Kindness Cards Includes:

  • 52 Kindness Cards
  • 8 Beautiful Designs in Each Deck
  • 2 Additional Cards That Explain the Project
  • Beautiful Tin Case
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards
Attitude Anonymous Kindness Cards

What You Put Out Into The World Multiplies

Challenge someone to A Year of Kindness  - a kindness competition.  Pure magic.

Make A Difference

100% of the proceeds go back into funding the project

*Additional shipping fees may apply when shipping in multiple quantities or outside of North America*

  • Have an Even Bigger Impact

    Take photos, videos, and post about the acts of kindness you perform.   Tell stories of the incredible people you meet and help us spread the word about the kindness project.  Tag your posts with #attitudeanonymous when you post.

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  • Be the Good In the World

    The most powerful currency in the world is hope. Help us spread it. Help us take care of each other.  Every one of us can make a difference… and together we should try.  Encourage each other, smile more often, and have more faith – in everything…

The Company ~ Attitude Anonymous Inc.

Attitude Anonymous Inc. was founded in 2007.  Our mission is to educate, motivate, instigate and inspire.

In today's world more than ever before in history, it's become an epidemic to "look" successful.  "Fake it till you make it" as a strategy sucks.

Too many people secretly struggle while staring at their screens, feeling disconnected... Especially entrepreneurs.  Being challenged with the fight of maintaining your attitude while you struggle to build a business is a challenge that most of us face on a daily basis.

At Attitude Anonymous, we transform the way our client's think, feel and live.  Our C.E.O., best selling author and international speaker Michell Smith delivers palpable hope to her audiences to fuel their passions, drive their efforts and elevate their faith in themselves and their purpose.

Recruiting a secret society of leaders dedicated to inspiring hope and increasing kindness one tiny act at a time, Michell knows how tough it is to perform when you don't feel like it.  She personally built and ran the largest and most successful outsourced B2B and B2C sales force in Canadian history (billing over 10 million dollars in annual commissions), and discovered how to "bring the noise" on even the most impossible of days....  Unstoppable can be arranged. Learn how to unleash your own force and beat the competition with the best team in the business - yours.

Contact us today to have Michell WOW your audience at your next event as the keynote or main stage speaker.  A personal trainer for your mind, she instigates the highest levels of performance from anyone gifted to experience her live on stage.

You are NOT alone.  It's our goal to help you hit yours.  Let us.

Our Unapologetic Quest 

To attack fear, uncertainty, indifference, doubt and "maybe someday."  To inspire happiness and hope, instigate change, and to recruit...   We all have influence. We just have to use it.  Decide what matters most to you, and do something about it.

  • This Is NOT A Practice Life

    The time to start is now.

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