Michell is a welcome edition to the leaders of change. She will guide you to succeed at what truly matters the most, and show you that the answers you are looking for lie inside the incredible person you already are.
Jay Conrad Levinson

Michell Smith is an amazing woman, whom has proved to be a 'game-changer' in my life: she is the most amazing coach and strategist EVER!!! She has/is teaching me everything I need to know to get from here, to there! She delivers her expertise in a kind and non-judgemental way (even on the days when I'm up in my tree, she makes me feel normal;) - If you want to take your life/business to the next level, you can count on her 20 years of experience and expertise - she has become my rock, and I thank God for the blessing of her every damn day!
Diane Karlos
Yoga & Mindfulness Coach / DianeKYoga
Michell has a sharp presence about her. When I heard her speak the first time at a conference I was taken aback at what a clear, concise speaker she was and how she conveyed her message with humour and wit. In the years following that she became a trusted confidant for me. Michell has great judgement when it comes to people, she knows when to push and when to pull, when to give and when to take. This has turned her into one of the most motivating and effective leaders I've ever worked with. I would highly recommend Michell as a consultant, business coach or just as someone to have on your side.
Ella Joan
When I first met Michell she was just starting her career in selling and motivational speaking. Michell was young but bright, driven and methodical. It was apparent even at this very early stage of her career that she would be successful and, if she chose, her growth would be unlimited. I watched as Michell formed her first company and grew that to incorporate many satellite offices as well as help new business owners to establish themselves. I also had several occasions to listen to her as she motivated hundreds of young people to follow their dreams and teach them how to achieve their goals. Michell is a compassionate, selfless and optimistic leader and teacher. She has helped countless would-be entrepreneurs find their way to understanding exactly what they need to be successful.
Betty-Ann Patterson
Michell is a tireless worker, who has an incredible ability to develop leaders, and as a result, our team was #1 in Canada! Michell has a profound way at delivering powerful meetings that inspired greatness in our team. She succeeded at an early age in a very testosterone, male ego driven business. She came up the hard way, persevered and earned the respect of everyone in the organization, with her integrity, leadership and ability to deliver results. Her example was and still is an inspiration.
Noel Walrond
Success Coach / My Dreams Work
Michell is a dynamic and inspirational leader, manager, and coach. It was during my time working with her that I learnt one of the greatest secrets about sales - and that is to be my authentic self. Customers would see right through incongruence. That single lesson has stayed with me and set me up for present and future endeavours. She was an inspiration to work with.
Anfernee Chansamooth
Now, I just got off a call with Michell and all I can say is OH MY GOD!! She helped me with quite possibly one of the biggest self-doubt issue I've had with what I'm doing. She gave me clarity and it seems so simple now and I feel like I can take this on and conquer the world! I'm ready. I've never been more ready for what life is about to bring my way and what I'm about to give the universe. Thank you Michell! Thank you so much! You've just made me fearless about it. Bring it on!!
Mikki Jackson
Michell is a great leader, an amazing role model, speaker, mentor and motivator. Working with Michelle I learned the leadership skills that help me succeed each and everyday. She is a very passionate and motivated business woman who earns her success and respect through helping others achieve their goals.
Ryan Aube
Michell has a gift for connecting with her audience, whether it’s a small or large group. She’s able to illustrate her stories in ways that help her listeners relate and learn. Often after speaking engagements she spends time talking one-on-one with audience members who want to ask a few more questions or talk about their stories. Michell also does a great job of highlighting lessons she’s gained through her experiences. This usually leads to others taking a look at their own journeys and what they’ve learned along the way. She encourages people to recognize their own growth and draw confidence from it!
Alison Stafford
Money Coach / Money Coaches Canada
Michell - thank you for helping to show me that I'm limited only by my own imagination. Ultimately, the lessons and decisions I've made in the past have led me to where I am today... a successful real estate advisor able to help family and friends with possibly the largest investment they'll ever make in their lives. Thank you for all you have taught me!
Edmund Fajardo
I just had a call with Michell and it was full of AhA moments. She helped me tune my thoughts and ideas on how to package my services. She is brilliant, guided me gently on how to price myself and see my self worth which I was struggling with for a while. It was a packed call of fruitful productive knowledge. Thank you Michell!
Hanadi Odesanmi
Life Coach / Transform Mindset
Michell has a profound talent when it comes to motivating and connecting with her audience. She is engaging, sincere and passionate in her approach and always entertaining. Watch out! If you are looking for an energetic, effective motivational speaker that is different in their approach in a good way, you will definitely find it in Michell Smith.
Leo Grosso
Michell’s skills as a coach and mentor are simply unparalleled. In the four years I spent working with her I watched Michell inspire those around her to perform at higher levels time and time again. She recognizes strengths in people that are often not known to themselves and is able to bring these positives to the forefront through her dedication in helping them succeed. She is an incredibly supportive coach who truly takes a personal approach in her business.
Ella Tsang
Assistant to the CEO / Match Marketing
Michell is one of the most inspirational, passionate people that I know. She brings to the table honesty, a caring nature for her team, and an unstoppable drive to raise the bar and achieve a goal. Her inspirational voice has touched thousands. She has the ability to drive a massive team all the while continuing to stay humble and grow personally.
Julie Edmonds
The first time I met Michell I had an interview with her. It was just a interview but she motivated me like I've never been motivated before and I learned on my first day of working with Michell that the motivation I felt in that interview was just the tip of the iceberg. Its been 16 years, 8 months and 18 days since the first day I met Michell and i have yet to find anyone to inspire me and motivate me the way she has. Michell Smith is one in infinity.
Quincy Roberts
Working with Michell was awesome. The coaching and mentorship was something I always looked forward to because I knew there would always be something for me to reflect on. Socially, I attended one of her events in Toronto. It was to help empower women to be independent and to get into business and be passionate about what you choose to do with your life. Her work in so many areas and efforts to help others is truly admirable.
Aimee Jones
What an awesome awe inspiring coaching session I had with Michell Smith. She met me where I was at, validated concerns I had but aside from that she provided me with resources which will greatly assist me in my next steps in my business. Phenomenal!
Miste Anders-Clemmons
I can't thank you enough, for not only guiding me in the right direction every time but for also putting things in a perspective so I can continue to grow. You help me pick out what's most important and where to start. I'm so thankful I get to call you my coach and mentor.
Summer Craddick
I recently finished Michell Smith's and Julie Edmonds' awesome book entitled "The Six Questions That you Better Get Right, The Answers are the Keys to Your Success". It was a half-way book for me - in between the intangibility of "The Secret" and the concrete focus and rigidity of "Good to Great". It touched all of my senses - the stories of their lives made you love them. But it wasn't just their stories that sold it. I walked away with so many a-ha moments coupled with call to actions that I can actually implement and achieve. That's a hard balance for a book to achieve and they did it wonderfully. I can't wait to present it tonight as my book club choice at my networking group.
Dana Peever
The Decision Smith / Your Decision Coach
Being a young woman in business, I've always looked up to Michell as a mentor and role model. She's one of the most inspiring and motivational people I've met and am so grateful for all she's taught me. With her help, I learned very technical skills, such as sales, team building, negotiating, and public speaking. I've also learned many skills that are less tangible, such as attitude maintenance, perseverance, and competing in a male dominated industry. She's a guru and a visionary!
Jackie Sztuczka
Michell is a caring leader; whose victories are a direct result of her personal commitment of ensuring the overall success of anyone who is driven to achieving their goals. Michell is passionate about her vision and that of others. She is the definitive example of leadership through vision, inspiration, and integrity
Doug Hogg
Michell Smith is beyond being a role model, motivator, and mentor.  Simply put Michell is a Life Coach....someone to model one's self after and try to achieve the lofty goals she's accomplished, that she has set for others as possible. A true leader of people.
Barry Hutchings
Michell has assisted me with critical thinking and strategies that have propelled my professional growth. As a result of her expertise and coaching I am not distracted by obstacles to my success but I remain confident and focused on achieving business success.
Ani Hovnanian
I have never met anyone like Michell. I asked myself how does someone so beautiful on the outside radiate even more beauty from the inside. And I was reminded of how awesome a Creator Christ is because she is some of His best work. Mother Teresa sums her all up in this quote. 'Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.' So everyone that meets her leaves better than before. If you speak with her, you'll have an appreciation for her kind words and intelligence. She has a passion for making people better!"
Leslie Dean