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A program developed while conducting over 50,000 job interviews in an effort to get the right people in the door to my training programs in the first place. Get clear about what you want and determine the best path to achieve your biggest career and life goals, with certainty.

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    Map Out the Factors You Juggle When Making Career and Life Choices

    Get a view into all of the individual factors at play and organize your skills, talents, desires, signature strengths, logistics and goals into a map that allows you to navigate with confidence.

  • 2

    Get Clear About What You Want and Why You Want It

    We go back before we go forward and you write your user manual once and for all. Discover how using your "Factor Map" allows you to find clarity, confidence and relief like never before.

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    Define Your Values and Your Deepest Drivers

    Connect to your highest driving forces - your values, your motives, your recognition preferences and your passions. Discover the secrets of what really motivates you, gain insight into "why" and change your life forever.

  • 4

    Select Clear Career and Life Goals

    Identify the proper career and life options for you and determine which one(s) to pursue first. Create a list of exactly what you want to accomplish with confidence. No more staying stuck for fear of making the wrong choice!

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    Determine the Course to Achieve Your Goals

    Reverse engineer your career and life goals and build a step by step action plan to follow going forward. With a realistic, strategic plan in place your commitment and motivation increase immediately.

  • 6

    Develop the Certainty You Need to Succeed

    Gaining certainty in your choices influences your ability to do the work to achieve your goals. Walk away with unwavering confidence and a strategic plan for how to master your next move.