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An inspiring, intimate, deep dive workshop that launches leaders into a new orbit of confidence.  Tools, awe-inspiring insights and strategic planning resources deliver a blueprint for success, that empowers attendees to address their root issues and emerge as the leader of their industry.

Available as a 3.5 or 7 hour session - CONTACT US TO CHAT

Stop Faking It, Start Fixing It

Confident, capable leadership is what distinguishes the companies that just get by from those that lead their field. It motivates teams, attracts the best talent and makes bold visions attainable.

The truth is too many people wait to lead, and many new and established leaders secretly struggle, adopting a “fake it till you make it” strategy and delivering just enough to get by… Michell Smith has a better way, learned first by becoming the #1 sales leader in her field, then developed over 20 years of building the #1 direct sales company in Canadian history and creating an organization of leaders who strategically redefined what was possible.

Ignite the power of purposeful leadership, retrain your leaders from the top down and empower your people to boldly go where no one in your industry ever has...

• Activate respect like never before

• Inspire greatness in your team

• Attract and retain the best talent – Develop the power of gravity

• Up-level your team's results and harness the power of the Big 'Mo'

• Set the example, don't just talk about it

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