We're Rebels With A Cause

We’re Here To Sell You On You

You’re here to change the world, we’re here to help you do it…

The Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the western woman”… He was talking to us.

It’s Time We Change

The Way The World Treats

Women And Girls.

(We’re not asking permission…)

“A New Day Is Here.”


Check The Facts: Educated Female Leaders Succeed.

It’s time to change the data.  To work TOGETHER to provide the education that empowers.

To change the way that women treat women.  To set a new example.  To raise female leaders. 

Leaders who elevate other women, not compete with them…

Let’s learn from history and now write herstory…  Help us.

  • Women still only earn on average 72% of what men earn in North America for the same jobs 72% 72%
  • Internationally only 5% of Start-Up founders are women 5% 5%
  • Only 25% of computing jobs are held by women today 25% 25%
  • Women in tech who are under 25 earn on average 29% less than their male counter parts 29% 29%
  • Only 12% of women negotiate for a raise during a job offer or performance review 12% 12%
  • Only 30% of women are financially literate 30% 30%
  • Only 4.2% of Fortune 500 company CEO’s are women. 4.2% 4.2%
  • Less than 15% of women hold senior executive sales roles 15% 15%
  • Harvard Business Reviews study of 7,280 leaders, 100% of the time women were scored as more effective leaders than men 100% 100%

Permission To Go After Your Dreams,




Education Is Power


A Better Future Exists – It’s Up To Us To Build It.

We’re Fierce And We’re Fearless


And We Want You To Come Out And Play

Join our FREE online school for women & girls. The #girlschool you’ve always wanted.

FREE School

Get weekly coaching to keep you on track all year long. Unleash your potential.

Swagger Sessions

Play our pay-it-forward game to #makekindnesscool Spread care to women everywhere.

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Attend inspiring, mind altering, life changing events that elevate, equip & empower you.

Live Events

Fake It Till You Make It As a Strategy, Sucks…

Our School, Live Events and Swagger Sessions all centre around the following topics:

Our Kindness Project

This project began in 2013 while researching happiness and travelling across Canada.  We performed random acts of kindness and gave out home made kindness cards, inviting people to pay the kindness forward.

The response blew us away… From as far away as Denmark, we received countless requests asking how people could participate in a bigger way… We built decks of cards.

Join our Pick Up Game (it’s not THAT kind ;)) and help us make a difference.  Provide a tool for women and girls to learn how to communicate with each other in a kinder way.  To learn how to freely give compliments.  To learn how to freely receive them.

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and influence others with the gift of happiness and hope.  Help us.



To the blonde woman in front of me at Loblaws... Thank you.

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